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Acero - Jovita Idár

SY21 Qatar Enrichment-8B Assignments

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Proyecto.MiEscuela in Google Classroom


Please use the graphic organizer to write your findings from your research. Before you start make a copy of this document with your name so its archived in your name. If you would like to use google slides, you may as well.


#001 FlTT Principle Flipgrid assignment in Google Classroom

#001 FlTT Principle Flipgrid assignment

1. First open the OpenPhysEd document. On that document only pay attention to the section titled "Purposeful Practice."
2. Read the FITT Principle definition then watch and practice the 6 exercises within the "6-Minute FITT Dice" activity.
3. Once you are familiar with the exercises you may click on the Flipgrid assignment #001 and begin.
4. Your Flipgrid video should show you performing all 6 of the exercises.


Mi Instituto/My School in Google Classroom

Mi Instituto/My School

Please re-read the story from today's class. You are to answer the questions pertaining to your school - Jovita Idar. This is will one of the first writing assignments we do.
Por favor de leer de nuevo el cuento de la clase hoy - Mi instituto. Contesta las preguntas de tu escuela - Jovita Idar. Esto sera el primer ensayo que escribamos.


Why Learn Spanish?/Por que aprender el Español in Google Classroom

Why Learn Spanish?/Por que aprender el Español

Students will create their own personal reflection poster or Googleslide following the attached handout. Be prepared to present at the next class.
Please email your google slides when completed to or show your poster in the next class meet.
Los estudiantes crearán su propio cartel de reflexión personal o Googleslide siguiendo el folleto adjunto. Esté preparado para presentar en la próxima clase.
Envíe su presentación de Google por correo electrónico a o muestre su póster en la próxima reunión de la clase.


Bienvenidos a La Clase de Español/Welcome to Spanish Class! in Google Classroom

Bienvenidos a La Clase de Español/Welcome to Spanish Class!

Please start to look over and read the Spanish GuideLines Booklet. We will be talking about this in class. When finished there is another handout to look over and also complete the Google Form Survey. This survey is not due until next week so no worries. See you all soon. - Ms. Contreras